Name: Rattapoom Tongkongsap
Nickname: Film
Age: 24
Date Of Birth: 17 November 1984
Height: 185 cm
Weight: 68 kilogram
Siblings: 1 older brother, Film is the youngest.
Favorite Color: blue, silver and grey
Favorite Pet: dogs and cats
Hated pets: snakes
Collecting: Money and old coins
Favorite Belongings: House and property
Favorite Gift: Anything from the heart
5 things that are always with you: Watch, wallet, ring, braclet and necklace.
Favorite Book: Cartoons
Works: Wai Bum, Blon Na Ya and Rong Ruam Gluay Mai, Commercail for Fanta, Honda, Mvs, modeling and hosting.
Hobbies: Watching movies, listen to music and sports.
Favorite Place: Beach
Dream Place: Other countries, I like to travel and learn about other cultures.
Hated Memory: Used to have a cat and it died.
Sadest Moment: Waiting for my album to be released.
Most Excited Moment: When album was released.
Dream: I wanted to be in the entertainment business.
Favorite Celeb: Dunk Punkorn and Tor Nattawoot.
One of your strong points: easy going, can get along with anyone.
One of your faults: fast talker
Music: Guitar, but not good at it.
Sport: Any sport because I love sports.
Favorite subject: Mathematic
Favorite Dish: I can eat anything but my most favorite is Nam Prik Mang Da.
favorite Kind of Music: J-Pop and Rock.
Aku punya loh koleksi fotonya film, kalo ada yang minat bisa tuker2an ama aku …
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